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Doctrine & Covenants
2017 Course of Study

Lesson 1: Introduction
Introduction and Section 1
and... Supplemental Information

Lesson 2: The Savior
"Behold, I Am Jesus Christ..."

Lesson 3: The Restoration
"I Had Seen a Vision"

Lesson 4: The Book of Mormon
"Remember the New Covenant..."

Lesson 5: Receiving Personal Revelation
"This Is the Spirit of Revelation"

Lesson 6: Recognizing Personal Revelation
"I Will Tell You in Your Mind..."

Lesson 7: The Basic Truths
"The First Principles and Ordinances"

Lesson 8: The Priesthood
"The Restoration of the Priesthood"

Lesson 9: Church Organization
"The Only True and Living Church"

Lesson 10: Applying Counsel to Ourselves
"This Is My Voice unto All"

Lesson 11: Missionary Service
"The Field Is White Already to Harvest"

Lesson 12: The Gathering of Israel
"The Gathering of My People"

Lesson 13: Joseph Smith, the Prophet
"This Generation Shall Have My Word..."

Lesson 14: Consecration
"The Law of Consecration"

Lesson 15: Spiritual Gifts
"Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts"

Lesson 16: The Sabbath Day
"Thou Shalt..Offer Up Thy Sacraments"

Lesson 17: Tithes & Offerings
"The Law of Tithing and the Fast"

Lesson 18: Temples
"Establish...a House of God"

Lesson 19: God's Eternal Plan
"The Plan of Salvation"

Lesson 20: The Final Stage of Life
"The Kingdoms of Glory"

Lesson 21: The Second Coming
"Looking Forth..for the Great Day"

Lesson 22: The Law of Health
"The Word of Wisdom"

Lesson 23: Gaining Knowledge
"Seek Learning, Even by Study and...Faith"

Lesson 24: Avoiding Individual Apostasy
"Be Not Deceived, But Continue in Steadfastness"

Lesson 25: Priesthood Covenants/Blessings
"Priesthood: The Power of Godliness"

Lesson 26: Missionaries from Kirtland
"Go Ye Into All the World..."

Lesson 27: The Missouri Period
"They Must Needs Be Chastened..."

Lesson 28: Growing from Adversity
"O God, Where Art Thou?"

Lesson 29: The Nauvoo Period
"Building the Kingdom of Nauvoo"

Lesson 30: Ordinances for the Dead
"The Prisoners Shall Go Free"

Lesson 31: Eternal Marriage
"Sealed...For Time and All Eternity"

Lesson 32: The Martyrdom
"To Seal The Testimony"

Lesson 33: Succession in the Church
"Pres. Brigham Young Leads the Saints"

Lesson 34: The Saints Journey West
"Faith In Every Footstep"

Lesson 35: Pioneer Sacrifices
"A Mission of Saving"

Lesson 36: Salt Lake Temple
"The Desert Shall Rejoice..."

Lesson 37: Appreciating the Prophet
"We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet"

Lesson 38: Self-reliance & Service
"In Mine Own Way"

Lesson 39: Temple Attendance
"The Hearts of The Children Shall Turn..."

Lesson 40: Family History Work
"Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work"

Lesson 41: Missionary Service
"Every Member A Missionary"

Lesson 42: Living Prophets
"Continuing Revelation to...Prophets"

Lesson 43: Chastity, Honesty, Speech
"Take upon You My Whole Armor"

Lesson 44: Government/Civic Responsibility
"Being Good Citizens"

Lesson 45: Proclamation on the Family
"The Family Is Ordained of God"

Lesson 46: Becoming Pure in Heart
"Zion--The Pure in Heart"

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