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The Neumann Institute is a privately funded, non-profit, web-based educational organization.

Dear friends,
Since the Gospel Doctrine Class will change to the "Come Follow Me" format and new lesson materials in January 2019, the Neumann Institute will retire itself effective at the end of January 2019.

While you, our thousands of very loyal weekly visitors, won't have the website, we would like you to have the materials we've used for the past 17 years of service to preserve for your personal study library.

These 188 Gospel Doctrine Class Lessons, accessible for download below, are our final gift to our beloved Visitors. May our Heavenly Father bless you in your continued gospel studies.

We express our love and gratitude to you for using our website that was our labor of love.
THANK YOU!!! and farewell.

posted Nov. 12, 2018

Intended as Personal Study Aids for Serious Students
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BOOK of MORMON Lessons
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46 in one document by clicking here
Download OLD TESTAMENT Lessons
48 in one document by clicking here
Download NEW TESTAMENT Lessons
46 in one document by clicking here

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This site was dedicated to assisting those who could not attend class due to

  • ill health / disability
  • a conflicting calling
  • out of town travel
It was also to assist the indispensable last minute substitute teachers who need access to the lesson.